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    14 Things Parents Have Done That Look A Little Weird But Are Actually Pretty Brilliant

    Let's give them a round of applause.

    1. This mom who used a puppy training pad on her kid's car seat so they wouldn't have an accident on the road:

    Ashley Grey /

    2. This mom who attached plastic snaps to her kid's socks to keep them from getting lost in the wash:

    3. This dad who tied his baby to him while he napped so they couldn't get into anything:

    Men become geniuses when you leave babies with them lmao

    @kaybrynell /

    4. This dad who agreed to play dolls with his kid but strategically took them to the drive-in:

    5. This mom who used the top of a baby wipes container as an outlet protector so her kids wouldn't stick their fingers in the socket:

    6. This mom who created an organizer in the laundry basket so it's easy to sort each kid's clothes:

    7. This mom who tricked her kids by challenging them to beat their getting-ready time each morning:

    8. This dad whose daughter didn't like the plain shoes he bought, so he let her design them however she wanted:

    9. This mom who carved a monster on the door to the basement so her kids would be scared to go down there:

    10. This dad who put the baby gate around his grill so the baby wouldn't accidentally touch it:

    11. This mom who taped the bubbles to a post so her kid wouldn't keep spilling them:

    12. This dad who didn't have anything to heat up the baby bottle on the road, so he used his engine:

    13. This mom who used a wagon so she could bring all the groceries in with one trip:

    14. And these parents who put a picture of a mushroom in the baby book to convince their kids they had a brother who turned into a mushroom after refusing to take baths:

    Photo album of kids and then one photo of a mushroom.