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    7 Really Funny Ways Parenting Is Different When Your Kid Is 0, 3, And 7

    Ah, milestones.

    1. How you talk to your kids:

    At 0 years: "Hi, sweet baby! Say, 'MOM-M-A!'"

    At 3 years: "Do you need to go potty first?"

    At 7 years: "DID YOU HEAR ME?!"

    2. What your kid wants to do:

    At 0 years: Eat and poop.

    At 3 years: Throw temper tantrums.

    3. At 7 years: Play on your phone.

    4. How you react when your kid wants something:

    At 0 years: You get it for them immediately.

    At 3 years: You think about the pros and cons first.

    At 7 years: The answer is NO.

    5. What your kid gets in trouble for:

    At 0 years: Absolutely nothing.

    At 3 years: Doing anything dangerous.

    At 7 years: EVERYTHING.

    6. What you worry about:

    At 0 years: If you're doing everything right.

    7. At 3 years: If your kid needs a nap.

    At 7 years: If your kid is going to have Common Core math on their homework.

    8. What you bring when you go somewhere with your kid:

    At 0 years: You basically pack the whole house.

    At 3 years: You only bring snacks and small toys.

    At 7 years: Nada.

    9. How much sleep you get:

    At 0 years: Literally none.

    At 3 years: A fair amount, but with multiple interruptions.

    At 7 years: Finally, a FULL night's sleep.