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    There's A Viral Trend Where People Share The Most Unsafe Things They Did As Kids, And It's A Wonder They're Alive Today

    Anyone else make ~mermaid potions~ with toxic bathroom chemicals?

    Last month, TikTok user @mountaindewbarrymore asked people to share the unsupervised things they did as children that could have killed them:

    In her video, which has over 2 million views, she explained how she used to try to breathe underwater. And, it turns out, a lot of people did some very unsafe things in the bathtub:

    One person says the would put their head underneath the faucet in the bath and thrash about while pretending to drown in a waterfall

    Anyway, user @vududoll999 recently saw the video and told a story about how she and her siblings used to put their youngest brother in the dryer AND START IT because he was the favorite:

    Her video also went viral, causing the original video to start trending again.

    'POV you came back from the person who put her brother in the dryer'

    So, we went through the comments to find some of the wildest responses. Here they are...

    This person used to drink ~potions~ made of toxic chemicals:

    'mine was mixing all the chemicals under the bathroom sink to make [star emoji] mermaid potions [star emoji]

    It turns out it was fairly common for people to eat glow sticks:

    One person says, 'I used to bite them because they were [star emoji] crunchy [star emoji]

    This person figured out a way to make their own ice skating rink at home:

    'Put conditioner on the floor of the tub while showering and pretend to ice skate

    This person is very lucky they never accidentally suffocated themselves with their "parachute":

    This person used a sleeping bag to create their own roller coaster on the stairs:

    'sounds great till you top out at 13mph and fly through the drywall'

    This person used to ingest pounds of dirt:

    'going into the backyard with a spoon and eating dirt for hours

    Several people admitted they licked light sockets:

    'one time I licked a light socket when I was four and it knocked me out, it kind of explains a lot'

    And there were quite a few people who used to drink medicine:

    'I loved the taste of medicine so I would drink like half of the bottle before my parents caught me'

    This person would play an extremely unsafe version of hide-and-seek:

    'we would lie down in the street on a bend at night and run away from cars at the last second'

    This person loved peanuts, even though they were life-threatening:

    'I used to eat peanuts. I'm allergic'

    And this person's friend used to love soap:

    'this wasn't me but my friend used to eat softsoap. specifically the one with the clownfish on the bottle'

    This person played with fire in the most dangerous way possible:

    'using the can of hairspray and a lighter to make a flamethrower'

    And this person lit their hair on fire for fun:

    'i used to light my own hair on fire with a lighter just to watch it like curl up and shrivel'

    This person would fight their sibling with actual knives:

    'knife fighting my brother, duel style'

    This person used to eat cough drops like candy:

    ' i ate like whole bags of those cherry cough drops when i was home alone'

    And this person used to eat any wild outdoor mushroom they could find:

    This person used to weigh herself down at the bottom of the pool:

    This person put foil in the microwave like it was NBD:

    'girl i put klondike bars with the aluminum wrapper in the microwave because they were too frozen'

    And, finally, this person used to try to tame wild buffalo:

    Oh boy, the things kids do when their parents aren't looking! Do you have any wild things to add from your childhood?! We wanna hear about it in the comments!