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    15 No-Mess Parenting Hacks That Are Sheer Genius

    No cleanup needed!

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Serve a burrito to your kid in a mason jar to keep it from falling apart.

    paula1886 / Via

    2. You can also keep the contents from spilling out of a burrito by sealing it with a chip clip.

    3. Place Press'n Seal wrap over your kid's shirt before they make a messy craft so their clothes don't get dirty.

    4. Use an empty egg carton to make your kid’s painting sessions a whole lot less messy.

    5. Use a spill-proof mason jar to prevent messes at snack time.

    Learn how to make one at Babble.

    6. Put your kid's outfits for each day in plastic bags when you go on vacation so you don't have to dig through the suitcase.

    pinlady91 / Via

    7. Tape your kid's bubble wand to a pole or wall for a spill-proof bubble station.

    8. Hot-glue the holes in the bottom of bath toys so mold doesn't form.

    9. Place freezie pops upright in your freezer before freezing for a mess-free cut.

    10. Use a tackle box to keep your kid's snacks organized on a road trip.

    lvmbcindy / Via

    11. Stick eggs in a whisk before you color them so your kid's fingers won't get stained.

    12. Store Lego bricks in hanging shoe organizers.

    13. Use a shower rod to hang plastic baskets for an organized tub.

    Redditor Teruterus / Via

    14. Keep baby bottle supplies organized with plastic storage containers.

    15. Use a carabiner to neatly store ponytail ties so they don't get scattered everywhere.

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