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    People Are Cutting Up Their UGG Boots To Make Them Into Slippers And It's Painful To Watch

    Grab the scissors. This is still hard to watch...

    I think it's pretty safe to say that everyone knows what UGG boots are. You know, those super expensive, really comfy boots that were in style years ago and continue to remain in style today? Yeah, those ones.

    Well, no matter how pricey something is, we all know personal styles change. So, TikTok user @.emia found a way to repurpose her old UGG boots by turning them into slippers:


    If you broke like me : cut along the SEAMSSSS #uggs #cheapshit #TimeWarpScan

    ♬ time flies - favsoundds

    All you do is cut the top part of the boot off around the seam at the ankle and voilà! It's a slipper:


    #duet with @.emia

    ♬ time flies - favsoundds

    Several other TikTokers started trying the DIY with their own old UGG boots. User @kaylinnr racked up over 8.5 million views:


    Had and old pair of Uggs I was gonna throw away until I seen this tictok on how to make slippers so here we are #fyp

    ♬ Drip Like ME - Kenndog

    Overall, people thought the idea was pretty brilliant.

    Comment saying this is a genius idea.

    And a great way to salvage an old pair of UGGs.

    Comment saying it is a great way to repurpose.

    However, some people still couldn't bring themselves to take scissors to such an expensive pair of shoes. (If you didn't know, the basic, short UGG boot retails for $170!)

    Comment saying they could never do that to their UGGs.

    But it was quickly pointed out that these people were going to get rid of their UGGs anyway, so it was a way to get even more use out of them.

    Comments saying the point is they don't want the boots anymore, so this is a way to use them longer.

    For reference, if you want to buy a brand-new pair of UGG slippers, it'll cost you $100 or more. So, maybe this IS a genius idea after all!

    Photo of UGG slippers.

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