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    This Woman On TikTok Can Sing Exactly Like Famous Celebs And It's Wild To Hear


    Kimberly Camacho is a 24-year-old New Yorker who is currently quarantining with her family in South Carolina.

    And, since Kimberly is a singer/actor, she told BuzzFeed she likes to do impressions for fun. "I decided to get a TikTok to cure my boredom during quarantine. I saw a lot of comedy TikTok videos, so I decided, 'Why not?'"

    Kimberly started making TikToks where she mimics professional singers. In each video, she explains how she gets her voice to sound like theirs in three simple steps. Here she is impersonating Billie Eilish's singing voice:

    Kimberly said she sees her videos as tutorials. "I like to break down the three most unique elements of each singer’s voice so other people can attempt the impression if they want to," she explained.

    "I try to explain the steps in a simple way that is mixed with technical terms. That way, it will be understood by trained singers, amateur singers, and people who have never sang in their lives," she added.

    Kimberly said all impressions like hers take time and practice, but that it is also important to remember that every voice is different. "The way I modify my voice to sound like Celine Dion may be different than someone else whose voice is lower or higher than mine," she said.

    Kimberly said she has been able to master these impersonations because of the countless vocal lessons she has taken. "When I started vocal training, I told my voice teacher that I wanted to be able to sing anything. I wanted to be vocally versatile. When I first started learning, I began to mimic artists to understand each genre’s sound and then figured out where it fits in my true voice," she said, adding, "I developed a trained ear for listening and hearing how voices differ. By listening and applying my technique, I can figure out how to modify my voice to sound like other singers. It's a lot of trial and error, but I eventually get there."

    "I love making the videos and I plan on making a Judy Garland one soon. They’re a great distraction right now and hopefully entertaining for those watching. I want it to remain fun and positive. I’m an actor and writer first and right now the arts are hurting, like a lot of other organizations. Any support for the arts is highly appreciated and needed," she added.

    You can follow more of Kimberly's singing tutorials on her TikTok account: @kimothyyyyy.