18 Toilets That Should Probably Have Been Put Somewhere Else

    A crap ton of toilets.

    Tina Dorang (@Miss_Powerhouse on Twitter) has recently been sharing a lot of posts about toilets. Toilets that actually exist in the most random, and sometimes, unfortunate places.

    1. She found this toilet that allows guests to crap while watching you cook dinner.

    2. And this toilet that let's you poo, then hop right on into bed.

    3. This toilet that serves as a throne to your majesty.

    4. This toilet that is suitable for everyone at the office.

    5. And this toilet for when you need all your friends nearby as moral support.

    6. Ever heard of a tub 'n' toilet? How romantic.

    7. How about the recliner toilet? Just don't get any ~waste~ on the cushions.

    8. These public restroom toilets are clearly for making friends with strangers.

    9. Would you like a toilet with all that toilet paper?

    10. Just duck, I'm sure you'll fit just fine.

    11. This is what I call the living bathroom.

    And here are some others I found on Instagram (you know, because this is my job after all)...

    12. Apartment balcony toilet:

    13. Holy urinals:

    14. Aquarium toilet:

    15. Pee in the shower toilet:

    16. Glow toilet:

    17. Soccer toilet:

    18. And gentle reminder toilet:

    You know what I say? Put the toilet wherever you please.