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    A Mom Was Reunited With Her Dead Daughter In This Virtual Reality Experience

    This is truly fascinating.

    A Korean documentary called I Met You has been gaining a lot of attention after it aired a segment about a mother who was reunited with her dead daughter through virtual reality.

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    According to the AJU Business Daily, Jang Ji-sung lost her 7-year-old daughter Nayeon to an unknown illness four years ago. The Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) took eight months to produce the virtual reality experience, re-creating Nayeon's face, body, and voice as closely as possible.

    And, although Jang Ji-sung couldn't physically touch the virtual version of her daughter, she seemed to really cherish the experience.

    This is what she looked like in the green room being filmed.

    However, this is what she saw through the VR lenses — her daughter.

    During the experience, Jang Ji-sung was able to interact with the VR version of her daughter. The video shows them picking flowers together, taking pictures, and even celebrating Nayeon’s birthday.

    The video now has more than 10 million views on YouTube.

    Virtual reality is really opening doors to some incredible things. Click here to follow MBC on YouTube.