This Teacher Documents All The Funny Things Kids Say When Their Parents Aren't Around And It's Too Pure

    "Sometimes when I get mad, I go to my room and whisper bad words."

    New York-based middle school teacher Alyssa Cowit is getting a lot of attention for sharing the weirdly hilarious things kids say on Instagram and Twitter.

    Alyssa first created Live From Snack Time five years ago when she was teaching kindergarten. She told BuzzFeed, "It started as a private, anonymous Twitter account. My students were asking brilliant questions, and their thoughts and comments were so pure. Kids say all the things we wish we could!"

    "Soon after I created the Twitter account, my good friend Greg Dunbar started designing the quotes for Instagram. Almost immediately, our followers sent us quotes from the mouths of their own kids and students, so we started taking submissions."

    Today, the quotes on her accounts are submitted from people all over the world through her website.

    And while Alyssa said the quotes are sometimes hilarious, there's also a lot of meaning, anxiety, curiosity, and joy behind them. "It’s fascinating as much as it is entertaining, and I really wanted to encourage people to actually listen to kids," she said.

    Alyssa pointed out that most of what kids say is relatable. "Some quotes are perfect for a quick laugh, while others have so much heart and are exactly what you need after a long, exhausting workday."

    The honesty is too pure and too funny not to share.

    Like this kid who has goals of becoming a garbage truck.

    And this kid who just wants to be someone's coworker.

    Then there is this kid who bathes with cream cheese.

    Sometimes the kids make perfect sense.

    And sometimes they hilariously do not.

    Either way, I think we can all agree that the kids on Alyssa's account can make anyone laugh.

    You can follow Live From Snack Time on Instagram and Twitter.