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    Girls, If You Squat Over Public Toilet Seats When Peeing, This Post Is For You

    It's the only workout you need.

    You've heard it before. The "squat pee."

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    Many times it's done in the woods, or as a last resort when you just can't hold it.

    But, some women forgo the toilet liners for an intense quad workout every time they're in a public restroom.

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    Let's just say they feel the burn.

    Olive Bridge Entertainment

    Sometimes it burns so bad they accidentally drop a cheek on the seat.


    And newbies to the squat pee usually have to hold onto the side of the stall or put their hands out to balance.


    On the other hand, some women get really, really good at it.

    Long pees are the worst for obvious reasons.


    And let's not get into poops.


    Even though they know they really can't get any diseases from toilet's still just GERMY. And, like, someone else's bum has been on it.

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    Apparently, some women physically get on the toilet seat instead of just hovering with their feet on the ground. (No real quad workout there.)

    But, obviously, it's frowned upon.

    groovia / Via Instagram: @undefined

    Very frowned upon.

    Real squat peeing involves the quad burn.


    Anyways, thanks for wasting five minutes of your day with me. Being a woman is hard. Cheers to all the squat pee-ers out there!


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