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This Mom's Response To Her Teen Who Wanted Help Taking Care Of Her Robotic Baby Is Going Viral

"Yeah, no."

Meet 14-year-old, carefree Olivia – happy as a clam with her Starbucks drink.

Lauren Galloway / Facebook

Now meet 14-year old mommy Olivia – barely functioning with her robotic baby, William.

Lauren Galloway / Facebook

Olivia is a freshman in Richmond Hill, Georgia who is taking an early childhood education class. Her mom, Lawren, told BuzzFeed, "Olivia was scheduled to take an engineering class, but thought that sounded hard, so she had her schedule changed...jokes on her, right?"

Lauren Galloway / Facebook

Olivia is the oldest of four siblings. Below she is pictured with her mom, 6-year-old sister, Fallon, and 4-year-old brother, Hollie.

Lauren Galloway / BuzzFeed

And the family recently welcomed 1-month-old Violet into the mix. So, you would think Olivia KIND OF knew what she was getting into?!

Lauren Galloway / BuzzFeed

Olivia, preparing for baby William, like:


The "Baby William" assignment began on a Friday at 8 p.m. and lasted until the next Monday at 5 a.m.

Lauren Galloway / Facebook

Lawren said the robotic baby is very realistic because it has similar needs to a real baby. "The baby cries for its bottle, cries to be burped, rocked, and for a diaper change."

Olivia had to immediately tend to the baby every time it cried and figure out the reason it was crying. Lawren said, "It sounds like an easy task, but then it repeats at ungodly hours. It would wake her crying when she was dead asleep and then cry again an hour later."


Lawren said she would hear Olivia in the middle of the night talking to the doll. "I would hear her say things like, 'Please, just burp. Please, please, please, just burp' while crying. She was crying real tears, like snotty, ugly crying."

Lawren said she is up at all hours with Violet, so Olivia would follow her around asking for help. "My response to her was, 'My hands are full. This is your grade, not mine.'" She couldn't help but share Olivia's experience on Facebook.

Facebook: lawren.galloway

Her post currently has over 126,000 shares. Most comments say things like, "This should be mandatory in every school across America."

And Lawren also noticed Olivia started taking on the characteristics of new moms, too. "Her bathroom trips were quicker. Her hair was greasier, and her clothes weren’t as put together."


And, sadly, Olivia did not pass the "Baby William" assignment.

Lauren Galloway / BuzzFeed

Lawren said that while the robotic doll is realistic, it's still not reality. "There’s no chance of a blowout diaper, spit up, or diaper rash. No fevers. No sickness. And, hey, she didn’t have to nurse, buy formula, diapers, wipes or any other essentials. She’s still clueless, but maybe just a bit more educated."

"Now Olivia thinks she may adopt an older child, like a 10-year-old, when she's ready to be a mom!" Lawren said. Don't worry, Olivia, we think you'll be the perfect parent when you're ready!