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This Photographer Caught The Exact Moment A Mom Gave Birth In An ER Hallway And, Wow, It's Amazing

"I know that nothing I did was inherently special, moms do this every day. But it’s magical."

This is Jes and Travis Hogan of Manhattan, Kansas, surrounded by their five daughters and new son – who entered the world in a very memorable way.

Jes's birth photographer, Tammy Karin of Little Leapling Photography, arrived at the hospital just in time to capture these once-in-a-lifetime shots.

Tammy Karin / Via

Tammy said she likes to take birth photos that are completely natural. "Birth is so unpredictable and I always show up ready for pretty much anything. I want to capture the raw emotion and deep connections between people and that cannot be planned or posed," she said.

Jes told BuzzFeed that her favorite photo is the one of her husband and nurse Linda — whom Jes describes as “that nurse with the amazing smile” — lowering her to the ground.

Tammy Karin / Via

"The slight grin on my husband's face, how safe I remember feeling in his arms –

that image captured is all I ever wanted. It’s so special to me."

Jes said, "In the moment, I was a bit on autopilot; in disbelief, but also trying to give myself pep talks."

Tammy Karin / Via

"I’ve never been more impressed or in love with my husband. The calm he exuded kept me right where I needed to be mentally," Jes added.

Tammy Karin / Via

After the nurses rushed to Jes, it was only about three minutes later that the baby was born and laying on her chest.

Tammy Karin / Via

"They all gently helped move the baby up to my chest, and my husband placed a towel sweetly under my head. I wasn’t aware of much other than his presence at my right side."

After the baby was born, Jes was still laying on the floor – eyes closed – with Travis calming her. "He was so obviously proud of her and excited that he got to play such a big role in the birth of his son," said Tammy.

Tammy Karin / Via

Jes said her birth might look scary to others, but it wasn't. "I want moms to remember they are powerful and birth is amazing. No matter how it happens, please never forget your strength in that moment."

Tammy Karin / Via

Jes also said her birth story has inspired other women to share their own story. "I believe our birth experiences are defining moments in our lives that help us women feel connected and empowered."

Tammy Karin / Via

"I know that nothing I did was inherently special, moms do this every day. But it’s magical. Each and every birth," Jes said.

Tammy Karin / Via

You can watch Jes's YouTube birth story below:

View this video on YouTube

You can also read Jes's powerful story on Tammy's website.

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