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Breastfeeding Her 7-Year-Old Autistic Son Is Helpful, According To This Mom

Lisa Bridger's 7-year-old son tandem feeds along with his 4-year-old little brother.

Lisa Bridger, an Australian mom of five, has been breastfeeding for a long time.

Bridger – who had her first child 22 years ago – decided to let her kids decide when they were ready to stop.

Now, at seven years old, Chase – who has been diagnosed with autism – regularly breastfeeds at night to help him sleep and after meltdowns to help him reconnect.

Bridger, who works for the organization Occupy Breastfeeding, said breastfeeding is "a lot more than just the milk."

But, Bridger has faced a lot of pushback. "I have had a lot of criticism. I attempt to educate or ignore," she said.

Bridger said she is proud to breastfeed her 7-year-old. You can follow Occupy Breastfeeding on Facebook or Instagram to learn more.