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    Updated on Jan 5, 2020. Posted on Jan 8, 2018

    People Love This Dad Who Used Philly Cheesesteaks To Chart His Son's Growth

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    Ever seen those cute little signs people put next to their babies to show their age and how big they are?

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    Well, pull up a seat and grab a sandwich because that's all about to change...


    This Philadelphia dad figured out an ingenious way to chart his son's growth: a Philly cheesesteak sandwich.

    Brad Williams, who named the project ~Cheesesteak for Scale~, began posting pics as a joke on his blog of his son Lucas next to the iconic sandwich, starting when Lucas was 2 weeks old.

    Williams told BuzzFeed, "It was very random. My wife and I ordered takeout when Lucas was 2 weeks old, and I quickly realize he was almost the same size as my cheesesteak."

    Williams said, "I took a picture and posted it on Facebook. Our friends and family thought it was hysterical so we kept the tradition going each month!"

    Williams said, "At first my wife thought I was ridiculous, but she started to really love it after the first couple pictures. It was a fun way to track our son's growth and everyone really enjoyed it!"

    So, for the next year, little Lucas was photographed every month next to a warm, neatly wrapped cheesesteak.

    Then, after a year of monthly photos, Williams decided it was time to stop. "As Lucas grew older he began to dislike cheesesteaks. That's why I'm holding him in the one-year picture — because he wanted nothing to do with it," Williams said.

    "I was worried I would scar him for life against cheesesteaks, so we decided to make it an annual tradition after the first year. The last thing I want is my son growing up hating cheesesteaks!"

    You can watch this hilarious video of his son rejecting the sandwich on his blog.

    Hopefully the little man will learn to love them just like his dad!

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    Cheesesteaks and babies. Who'd have thought?


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