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People Love This Dad Who Used Philly Cheesesteaks To Chart His Son's Growth

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Brad Williams, who named the project ~Cheesesteak for Scale~, began posting pics as a joke on his blog of his son Lucas next to the iconic sandwich, starting when Lucas was 2 weeks old.

Williams told BuzzFeed, "It was very random. My wife and I ordered takeout when Lucas was 2 weeks old, and I quickly realize he was almost the same size as my cheesesteak."


Williams said, "I took a picture and posted it on Facebook. Our friends and family thought it was hysterical so we kept the tradition going each month!"

Williams said, "At first my wife thought I was ridiculous, but she started to really love it after the first couple pictures. It was a fun way to track our son's growth and everyone really enjoyed it!"

Then, after a year of monthly photos, Williams decided it was time to stop. "As Lucas grew older he began to dislike cheesesteaks. That's why I'm holding him in the one-year picture — because he wanted nothing to do with it," Williams said.

"I was worried I would scar him for life against cheesesteaks, so we decided to make it an annual tradition after the first year. The last thing I want is my son growing up hating cheesesteaks!"