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    These Kids' Drawings Of Their Moms Will Make You Laugh And Their Moms Cry

    Little Leonardo da Vincis.

    1. This kid who sophisticatedly makes their masterpiece on a Doodle Pro.

    2. This kid who knows the importance of blush...and eyebrows.

    3. And this kid who knows the importance of body shapes.

    4. This kid who likes to feature the chest.

    lularoecourttaylor / Via Instagram: @lularoecourttaylor

    5. This kid who makes sure mom's mouth is perfect.

    adventuresofamomof12 / Via Instagram: @adventuresofamomof12

    6. This kid who draws accurate noses.

    megahealthymama / Via Instagram: @megahealthymama

    7. And this kid who draws accurate-sized heads.

    ksenia_rookie / Via Instagram: @ksenia_rookie

    8. This kid who likes to make things colorful.

    4sweetcakes / Via Instagram: @4sweetcakes

    9. And this kid who classically sticks to one color.

    natalia_joachimska / Via Instagram: @natalia_joachimska

    10. This kid who is a watercolor portrait expert.

    paxtonhergie / Via Instagram: @paxtonhergie

    11. This kid who makes amazing nostrils.

    12. This kid who knows body isn't important in a face portrait.

    katyapuzic / Via Instagram: @katyapuzic

    13. This kid who draws great fingers.

    violeta_popova / Via Instagram: @violeta_popova

    14. This kid who draws the world's best pants (I hope mom actually owns a pair of those).

    possibility_mom / Via Instagram: @possibility_mom

    15. This kid who knows moms don't have time to do their hair.

    elizabethgebright / Via Instagram: @elizabethgebright

    16. This kid who understands the importance of eyeliner.

    stelladotbykaraann / Via Instagram: @stelladotbykaraann

    17. And this completely adorable "wanted" sign portrait that reminds you just how great motherhood is.

    marycolleenhickey / Via Instagram: @marycolleenhickey

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