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    This Post Is Relatable For Anyone Who Loves Wearing Makeup, But Is Also Always Running Late

    "My everyday makeup routine is also the five-minute makeup challenge."

    This is what your makeup setup often looks like.

    mo51a_sp / Via Instagram: @mo51a_sp

    And you've mastered the art of putting on mascara at stoplights.

    Even though you know that doing eye makeup in the car often leads to royal eyeliner fuck ups.

    stormecloudy / Via Instagram: @stormecloudy

    When you do spend the time necessary to create that perfect eye look, there is never enough time to finish the other eye.

    katiefanning95 / Via Instagram: @katiefanning95

    And when you do actually finish your look, you’re always late.

    Most days, though, you have to rush to be on time.

    Which means awful shit – like this – happens.

    sabrinabangjensen / Via Instagram: @sabrinabangjensen

    And sometimes you drop and leave treasures behind in your hurry.

    not26anymorebeauty / Via Instagram: @not26anymorebeauty

    It really is a hard life.

    It can even interfere with your social life at times.

    It's a constant struggle between makeup and time.

    And that ~after shower~ time ALWAYS interferes.

    @mytherapistsays / Via

    TBH, you really just need your own makeup team.


    Then life would be so much easier for you.