These New Pregnancy Emojis Are All Too Real For Moms

    These are long overdue.

    Besties Sarah Robinson, Hannah Hudson, and Natalie Ralston came up with the idea of pregnancy emojis to "fill a need for pregnant women and new moms."

    This emoji perfectly sums up the first few months of pregnancy. #morningsickness

    If any pregnant woman can do this, I applaud you.

    You can warn people when your hormones are out of control.

    And let people know you definitely aren't having a natural birth.

    Maybe also let them know you're having "lightning crotch."

    Show people how you sleep at night.

    Be sure to send this to your S.O. when you’re feeling pregnant and frisky.

    You can announce your water broke without saying a single word.

    This one is a pretty accurate depiction of labor (and pregnancy in general).

    And, of course, there are emojis for after pregnancy as well. 😉

    This one really sums up the “new mom” life.

    And there's also this necessary emoji.

    The EmojiMom app is available on iOS for $1.99, with plans to expand to Android soon.