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    "Big Brother" In Germany Hasn't Told Contestants About The Coronavirus, So They're Planning To Break The News Tonight


    If you've never seen Big Brother, let me explain how it works. A group of strangers live isolated in a house with tons of cameras that basically record their every move — all day, every day. And each week, the contestants vote someone out of the house. The last remaining person wins $500,000.

    In early February, a total of 14 contestants for Germany's version of Big Brother entered the house and were cut off from the outside world, including all news and current events.

    Since then, there have been over 185,000 confirmed coronavirus cases all over the world — over 7,000 of them in Germany.

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    As of right now, 20 people have died in Germany as a result of the virus.

    Initially, the network planned on not telling the contestants about the situation, according to the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung.

    Big Brother

    The network stated that contestants are only allowed to learn about events in the outside world under special circumstances, like in the case of a family member's death.

    However, the network has since received backlash on social media about the morality of the situation.

    When i red that there are people in the TV show big brother in germany who don't know what's happening right now and that the makers could decide if they want to tell them, I nearly soaked my laptop with the water I was drinking. Thats so wrong in so many dimensions!

    So, they have now decided to tell the contestants in an additional live show that airs tonight.

    That's 2 p.m. ET in the US if you're wondering, so if anyone finds out how to get captions, let us know!

    @JarettSays can i watch big brother germany with subtitles anywhere or no? i wanna go back to a simpler time.

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