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    A Target Employee Hit It Off With This Guy Through Their Customer Support Chat, And The Internet Is Rooting For Their Love

    Welcome to Target support... Are you single?

    A man named Jonah is a record collector, and recently, one of the records he received in the mail from Target was damaged. So, he decided to contact Target customer support through their online chat to see if he could get a replacement.


    Next, an upstanding Target employee named Pablo entered the chat. Pablo was able to get Jonah squared away with a new record, and his customer service was so fantastic that Jonah just knew he couldn't let this treasure of a human leave his life forever!


    So, Jonah explained exactly what happened next in this TikTok:

    In his viral TikTok, he says, "After I got my help and everything, they sent this message saying 'Good day' and I said, 'You too.' They said, 'Bye' — smiley face. And I was like, 'Oh, that's nice,' and I said, 'Bye bestie!' They said, 'You really made my day, thanks.'"

    "You really made my day." HOW WHOLESOME IS THAT?! 🥺

    This is when Jonah decided he would ask Pablo if he was single...and Pablo said he was! They then exchanged their socials and followed each other.

    Pablo — being the gentleman he is — asked Jonah's permission to DM him, to which Jonah said OF COURSE.

    They both complimented each other and had brief banter, but Pablo eventually had to get back to work, so he left Jonah with a <3...which we know means THINGS WENT WELL!

    BuzzFeed spoke to Jonah and Pablo, because we all need to know more! Jonah told us the moment he knew he wanted to take his conversation with Pablo to a personal level. "I tend to be very kind to all customer support employees, as I know their jobs can be pretty stressful already, so when he told me that I made his day, simply by just being kind to him, I knew I had to talk to him some more!"


    And Pablo said the whole thing was hilarious to him. "Who would've thought a conversation I had with a handsome customer could turn into this? Also, for everyone asking, you do not have to worry: I'm not going to be fired, but I truly appreciate all of your concerns!"


    We asked if they have met IRL yet, but because Jonah lives in Pennsylvania and Pablo lives in California, they haven't gotten the chance. "Right now, we're just seeing where things go. We have an upcoming video-call date, which we are both really excited about. If things continue to go as well as they've been going, the next step is hopefully to meet up in person and go on a proper date," said Jonah.


    Jonah said his perspective on dating has changed entirely after this experience. "Never in a million years did I think I could meet someone in such an unconventional way, so now I believe that you can meet 'the one' anywhere, given the right circumstances!" Also, he and Pablo may be making more videos about how their relationship unfolds, so be sure to follow their journey on TikTok!!!


    So, what did we learn today? Shoot your shot on Target's customer support chat — your true love could be waiting!