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    This Mom Has A Brilliant Way Of Getting Her Kids To Want To Put Sunscreen On

    Your kids will think it's makeup, and you'll also get good coverage!

    If you have kids, you know that putting sunscreen on them isn't as easy as Marge Simpson makes it look!!!

    Luckily, busy mom of three Christy Keane found a genius way to put sunscreen on her kids that makes it fun for them!

    So, she shared the hack on TikTok:

    It is super simple: All you do is trick your kids into thinking you're putting makeup on them by applying the sunscreen with a foundation brush!

    Christy putting sunscreen on her daughter with a makeup brush.

    After Christy shared the hack, it was clear that tons of parents LOVED the idea.

    Comments from the TikTok video saying that Christy's idea is genius.

    One mom even said she uses a beauty blender, which is also genius!

    Screenshot of a commenter saying they use a beauty blender.

    BuzzFeed spoke to Christy, who said the idea actually came from one of her Instagram followers. "I had posted a video on Instagram applying self-tanner to my face with a makeup brush, and one of my followers changed my life by suggesting I try it with sunscreen on my kids! She was the real genius!"

    And the good thing about using a makeup brush or a beauty blender is that you get great coverage!

    Christy never thought she would actually hear her kids ASK to wear sunscreen, but now they do!

    You can follow Christy on Instagram and TikTok.