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    15 Things That Make All Girls With Small Boobs Say, "For Real, Though"

    Little boobs in a big world.

    1. You always have that inevitable gap.

    2. If someone bumps into you, they pretty much just bounce off all the padding in your push-up bra.

    3. Putting on a sports bra makes your tiny boobs basically non-existent.

    4. And if you lose weight, it's definitely only lost in your breasts.

    5. If you go without a bra, no one can even tell.

    6. Everyone assumes you stuff your bra.

    7. If your partner wants anything to ~grab onto~ it's definitely not going to be your boobs.

    8. You have to push your arms together really, really tight to create any sort of cleavage.

    9. You almost always need a smaller top and a bigger bottom.

    10. Lying on your back makes them completely disappear.

    11. You've learned to just embrace all the old school jokes.

    12. You'd think you would never have to worry about dudes staring at your boobs...

    13. Sometimes you still feel like that little girl waiting for puberty to kick in.

    14. But you definitely try to look at the positives.

    15. And you'll never have back problems because of them.