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    If The Thought Of Wet Jeans Makes Your Skin Crawl, This Hack Where People Are Showering In Denim Is Going To Totally Wig You Out

    Wet denim is in.

    A woman named Lily Schoknecht recently caught the attention of over 4.5 million people after she shared a lil' clothing hack from her Nana Rosemary...


    If you didn't watch the above video and you're wondering why on Earth anyone would do this, keep reading.

    In her viral video, Lily explains how she bought second-hand jeans in a size 10 when she typically wears a size 12, so they were a little tight.

    However, after venting about the situation, Nana Rosemary unveiled her hack: showering in tight jeans loosens them up to make them fit better. Lily tried it, and it worked!

    I'm not going to lie — a lot of people were a little squeamish at the thought of walking around in wet jeans...

    BUT so many others wanted more information!!!

    So, BuzzFeed talked to Lily to get the inside info about this wet-denim sorcery.

    So if you're dealing with some tight AF jeans, Lily broke this jean-loosening process down, step by step. "Hop in the shower with your jeans, get them wet for about two to three minutes, hop out of the shower, and pat them dry with a towel so they’re not dripping wet. Then, wear them around for about 30 minutes — do some squats, lunges, (I unloaded the dishwasher), and then you take them off, air dry them, and try them on when they are dry!"


    Reply to @bug318_ a little follow up, here is me trying on size 10 jeans to give a reference for how much they did actually change, let me know if you try it out !! #sustainablefashion #sustainability

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    And, to get extra room, Lily said to tuck your towel in the waistband of your jeans while they are wet!

    A lot of people wanted to know if this was a one-time hack and if you could wash and dry your jeans after showering in them once. So Lily tested it out on a couple pairs of jeans:


    Reply to @stephi4011 it is experiment day!! Figuring out if you can wash jeans and they will stay the same size and figuring out if you dry jeans if they will shrink !! #sustainablefashion #sustainability

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    Overall, she found out that the jeans might get slightly tighter after drying them, but if you keep wearing them they will loosen to the size they were after you showered in them.


    Updated video on what’s happens if you wash your streched out shower jeans and if you dry your too big pair of jeans !! #sustainablefashion #sustainability #jeanshack

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    NOTE: Lily only tried her experiment with 90% cotton, 10% spandex pairs of jeans.

    And if you're wondering where the heck Nana Rosemary learned this hack, Lily said she used to do it when she and her sister couldn’t afford new jeans!


    Reply to @p5yat here is a follow up hopefully answering all your questions!! If you have anymore let me know!! Hope this works for you!!

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    Nana Rosemary didn't invent the showering in your jeans hack (it's been around for a while), she just resurfaced it for people who did not know! Here are some other hacks for loosening your jeans.

    And we can't end this post without a Nana Rosemary reveal, so here ya go – happy jeans showering!!!


    Reply to @matteapeplinski the most genuine soul :) #nana #bestfriend #loveofmylife

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    If you want to see more jean-hack related content, you can follow Lily on TikTok and Instagram.