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People Are Making Very Valid Statements About The Sexist Things Society Conditions Women To Believe Are Normal

How did "daddy issues" become an insult to girls when it's men who failed as fathers?

A Reddit thread called r/TrollXChromosomes is a place where people share tweets, texts, and memes highlighlighting the sexist and misogynistic things that are deemed "normal" in today's society. Below are some of the most ridiculous — but sadly not surprising — ones shared in the thread...


its always amazed me how “i have a boyfriend” is the strongest card to get guys to stop harassing me bc they’ll respect a man they don’t know before they respect the woman in front of them

@ShahdBatal / Twitter: @ShahdBatal


Something I heard a lot growing up: Girls, boys mature more slowly than you. Make allowances for them. Something I never heard: Boys, girls mature more rapidly than you. Look to them as examples of intelligence and leadership.

@_withawhy / Twitter: @_withawhy


when girls mention sexual assaults men’s first response is “happens to men too” yet when men talk about the high rates of male suicide which is a very valid problem in our society you will NEVER find a girl say “happens to girls too” because we understand basic empathy

@mollykhadija / Twitter: @mollykhadija


Is she being rude, or have you been socially conditioned into believing that women should be warm, positive and friendly at all times and are uncomfortable when they don’t adhere to that behaviour?

@aaronhoyland / Twitter: @aaronhoyland


Same way single mothers are dragged for being the parents that stayed https://t.co/Uk6WRlDsWB

@Omulungi_Hawt / Twitter: @Omulungi_Hawt



I've never seen a man put his hand on another man's lower back/waist when trying to move past in a crowd so please stop doing it to women.

@Graves_Fit / Twitter: @Graves_Fit



when guys are like “i’m not gonna be able to cum with a condom on” it’s like, ok, cool. sorry to hear that. i’m probably not gonna be able to cum at all, so i guess we’ll get through this together.

@danadonly / Twitter: @danadonly






men shame women for having a lot of consensual sex more than they shame other men for rape

@sevreds / Twitter: @sevreds



I want the term "gold digger" to include dudes who look for a woman who will do tons of emotional labour for them

@ErinMRodgers / Twitter: @ErinMRodgers


If a 16-year-old wanted to adopt a child, the government wouldn't allow it. She isn't done with her education, she can't financially support herself, and she isn't a legal adult. But if she gets pregnant, the government can ban her from getting an abortion How is that logical

@ReadMoreScience / Twitter: @ReadMoreScience


this is like the least innovative point in the world, has been said thousands of times, and yet I’m still reading tweets like “female senator, female police officer, female demon from hell”

@ellorysmith / Twitter: @ellorysmith


You know what else is tragic?! That these are all accurate statements about society for women today. Sigh.

There are lots of other really spot-on messages and double standards being shared! Go to the Reddit thread to see more and give the featured Twitter users above a follow!