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    A TikTok User Just Discovered A Major Scene Fail In "High School Musical"

    How did we all miss this?

    TikTok users have recently been discovering scene mistakes we've never noticed before, like this episode of Gossip Girl where Blake Lively is wearing a dress but is seen wearing sweatpants with it in the next clip. / Via The CW

    Well, another TikTok user has discovered a scene mishap that went over all our heads. It is from High School Musical:

    It's the scene where Vanessa Hudgens' character — Gabriella — freezes and doesn't start singing when she is on stage about to perform with Troy, who is played by Zac Efron. / Via Disney

    As she starts walking off the stage, Troy stops her from leaving and gives her a lil' pep talk to build her confidence. / Via Disney

    It works, Gabriella stays, and the song starts over. This is when TikToker @senpaisaysimmain noticed something odd. Since Gabriella is the one who was clearly supposed to start singing the song, we assume she will sing first. / Via Disney

    But, nope! Troy starts singing. / Via Disney

    I mean, MAYBE it is SUPPOSED to be that way and Troy just sings her part? IDK. It doesn't seem to add up, though, because they would have had to switch parts during the entire song. / Via Disney

    So, I'm gonna go ahead and say this scene wasn't thought completely through. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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