15 Wives Who Really Did Their Husbands Dirty With These Mischievous Pranks

    Be careful who you marry.

    1. This wife who branded her husband's foot with his role in the relationship:

    2. This wife who let her husband believe she had a side romance going on:

    3. This wife who hid tarantula skin in the bananas to scare her husband:

    Image of tarantula skin in bananas.

    4. This wife who basically shredded her husband's hole-y jeans so he would stop wearing them:

    5. This wife who ICE'd her husband on their wedding day:

    6. This wife who gave her husband cheesy armpits after replacing his deodorant with cream cheese:

    7. This pregnant wife who made her husband believe her water broke:

    8. This wife who put firework poppers under the toilet seat before her husband sat down to relieve himself:

    9. This wife who gave her husband a little afternoon snack:

    10. This wife who placed creepy Nicholas Cage faces on everything her husband owns:

    My wife concocted quite the April Fool's Day prank. I'm really impressed. What a beautiful thing to wake up to.

    @SethDaSportsMan / twitter.com

    11. This wife who made her husband rethink the way he treats her:

    12. This wife who apparently thinks her husband needs more balls:

    13. This wife who probably gave her husband a heart attack with this shattered TV screen prank:

    @crankymomofsix / twitter.com

    14. This wife who made sure her husband's mouth was squeaky clean by putting dish soap in his coffee:

    15. And this wife who replaced the powdered sugar on her husband's donut with baby powder:

    Husbands, be careful out there.