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    19 Reasons Why You Should Immediately Replace Your Weights With Small Children

    Working out has never made more sense.

    1. I mean, obviously, they increase your flexibility.

    If I can do it under these circumstances then you can too! #workingoutwithkids #getupofyourarse #noexcuses

    2. And they totally intensify your workout.

    code_name_dad / Via

    3. They allow you to workout way more muscles than any work bench can.

    How to make a plank more challenging... #workingoutwithkids

    4. And they increase your stamina for sure.

    franmcgrory / Via

    5. They tell you jokes to entertain you during your workout.

    6. They help create much better "workout" selfies.

    amybensonmay / Via

    7. And if you have more than one kid, the benefits are endless.

    8. I mean, look, this dad is getting a way better workout than you ever will.

    9. You can virtually workout anywhere.

    10. Like, really, you don't even need to leave your bedroom.

    leighanne_luckinbill / Via

    11. You can get really creative with the different types of workouts, too.

    12. They appreciate you and, in turn, you will appreciate them.

    13. They will watch you closer and work you harder than any trainer.

    busyfitmomz / Via

    14. They provide that positive attitude you need for a good workout.

    15. They really give you a good leg workout with airplane rides.

    16. And they add just the right amount of weight to amp up your pushups.

    17. They really beef up your triceps.

    18. As well as your biceps.

    19. So, go ahead and trade those weights in for some kids. Or, just be a complete savage and use both.

    jungleboystraining / Via


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