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    15 Moments All Pregnant People Have Experienced, Whether They Admit It Or Not


    Being pregnant is a wonderful, lovely thing — I mean, you're growing a human being; how cool is that?! But unfortunately, pregnancy does come with its downsides...enjoy these funny TikToks that 15 soon-to-be moms made!

    1. When you're hungry all day, every day:

    2. But half the time after you do eat, you feel nauseous:

    3. When bending down is something that can't happen anymore:


    When you are preggo and cant do much. Hubby to the rescue! #pregnant #getdown #pregnancyproblems #funnyvideo

    ♬ original sound - merlitmatos

    4. When you're in the early pregnancy stage where it just looks like you ate a big dinner:


    Not far enough along where I start looking cute and round, I just look chubby rn😂 #earlypregnancy #pregnant #pregnantbelly #pregnancyproblems #fyp

    ♬ Im outta here LITTLE RASCALS - mistress_mortis

    5. And then when you go from a little, bitty bump to a huge baby bump pretty much overnight:

    6. When you are completely exhausted but can't get comfortable enough to actually sleep:

    7. When you keep trying to reposition the baby in your belly because they keep kicking you in the ribs, making it hard for you to breathe:

    8. When you constantly have to guard your stomach from being rubbed by people you don't know:

    9. When you're hot 24/7, so your partner has to deal with the freezing temperature so you can be somewhat comfortable:

    10. When it's impossible to hold your pee because of the pressure of a baby on your bladder:

    11. And when your bladder refills the second after it's been emptied...and farting happens without warning:

    12. When you use the "I am growing a human" excuse to get out of doing things:

    13. When the constipation is so bad, you have no words:

    14. When the late-night cravings hit, but you can't pinpoint the one thing you're actually craving:

    15. And when this is the third trimester in a nutshell:


    Just letting y’all know how I’m doing during my 3rd trimester 💀 #pregnant due on thanksgiving 👀

    ♬ original sound - ash_lay

    Pregnancy. It's exhausting.


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