This Café In Germany Is Using Pool Noodle Hats To Keep Customers Socially Distanced

    Café & Konditorei Rothe is located in Schwerin, Germany.

    Café & Konditorei Rothe is a German-based café that serves breakfast, lunch, and tons of desserts.

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    Germany is one of the areas that have slowly started opening in the wake of the coronavirus lockdown, so the need for social distancing is still crucial. To do this, Café & Konditorei Rothe came up with a solution to keep people spread apart: pool noodle hats.

    Facebook: permalink.php

    BuzzFeed spoke to the owner, Jacqueline Rothe, who said the idea for the pool noodle hats came from a local TV station. "We wanted to do this to draw attention to the difficult situation in a humorous way," Jacqueline said.

    She also said that the photo posted on Facebook shows how hard it is financially for people in the restaurant industry right now. She added that, even with her business open, she still can serve only about half as many people as she would in normal circumstances.

    In addition to distancing, Jacqueline said, the servers are wearing mouth and nose guards to protect themselves and their customers.

    "If you would like to have coffee with your pool noodle hat with us, you are always welcome," Jacqueline said.

    So, there you have it. Another great use for pool noodles!