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    Luna Stephens Pretended To Be Sick To Skip School, Then Chrissy Caught Her Singing This Sort Of Creepy Song

    Uh, what's that, Luna?

    Three-year-old Luna Stephens β€” you know, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's daughter β€” is a sassy lil' gift to us all.

    She knows everything.

    And she doesn't like being called cute β€” only beautiful.

    Well, the princess was "sick" on Wednesday.

    And what does Luna do when she's "sick"? I'm glad you asked. She writes and sings her own ~slightly terrifying~ songs:

    Luna's song starts out sweet and very PG: "Momma lo-love you all the day. All day we la-e-o day. Momma loves you ... Momma's gonna put you to bed."

    But the next part of Luna's seemingly innocent tune takes a shocking twist: "Momma loves you as much as she loves...ALL THE DEADS, ALL THE DEADS. ALL THE PEOPLE ARE RED O DEAD, RED O DEAD, RED O DEAD. ALL THE PEOPLE RED O DEAD, RED O DEAD, RED O DEAD. ALL THE PEOPLE ARE RED..."


    So there you have it: a very "sick" Luna, the next singer-songwriter of her generation.

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