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    13 Period Jokes That Are So Brilliant, They'll Make People Currently On Their Periods Sob With Appreciation

    "In my family, 🚨RED ALERT🚨 means your pube or lip is stuck in your feminine pad adhesive."

    1. Being ~late~ and immediately convincing yourself you're pregnant, even if it isn't possible:

    @crystalzelda /

    2. And being overly excited when it does show up, because that's the type of love-hate relationship you have:

    3. Knowing that your period is every reason for why you act unpleasant at any given moment.

    [5 seconds after i get my period] hmm so that’s why i acted that way last thursday at 2:07pm

    Twitter: @acechhh

    4. Being mid-poo and feeling your tampon pop right out from the pressure:

    5. Thinking your time of the month is over, only to be let down at the worst possible moment:

    me: yay! my period is finally over, time to wear that super cute new underwear I got *puts them on* period: not so fasT BICH

    @breebunn / Twitter: @breebunn

    6. Removing a used pad or tampon and not wanting to look at it, but then examining it a little too closely:

    7. Morphing into that state where your period is your identity:

    Him: Hi Me, on my period: I feel like you’re lying but ok

    Twitter: @momjeansplease

    8. Being totally paranoid that everyone can tell you're on your period:

    9. Feeling the pain of a pube getting stuck on a pad:

    In my family *RED ALERT* means your pube or lip is stuck in your feminine pad adhesive.

    @FourEyedQueef / Twitter: @FourEyedQueef

    10. Being at the mercy of your menstruation every damn time:

    my period showing up unannounced, like a customer at 8:59 pm when we close at 9. i say, “sorry we’re about to close,” and my period replies, “you work for me, bitch.”

    Twitter: @sarahschauer

    11. Having a heavy flow and praying that you don't clog the toilet:

    *on my period* me : toilet paper please flush toilet paper : PleASe FLuSh

    @lgbthope / Twitter: @Igbthope

    12. Making men realize they will never understand the struggle of sneezing while on your period:

    Now everyone keeps tweeting me about sneezing while on their period. I've never regretted a tweet so much.

    @JackHoward / Twitter: @JackHoward

    13. And knowing what it feels like to experience every single emotion there is within a span of 24 hours:

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