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    This Woman Made An Entire Floor With 7,500 Pennies And It's Completely Mesmerizing

    This floor really changed.

    Kelly Graham of Camias Jewelry Designs in Los Angeles recently shared her really neat project on Facebook — a floor mosaic made completely out of pennies:

    Facebook: alternativebridaljewelry

    The penny floor is in Kelly's foyer, which is 6 by 6 feet. She told BuzzFeed she used approximately 7,500 pennies to complete it. "I did use four dimes in each corner of the mosaic to add just a touch of color variation because the pattern is bold enough as it is," she explained.

    The floor took about three weeks to complete, and Kelly actually made it over five years ago. However, she decided to share it now because it has held up so well over the years. "It's not slippery, it has no odor of pennies, and not a penny has moved out of place since doing this in 2015," she said.

    Kelly said her expense for the floor — $75 in pennies — was far less expensive than a new tile flooring would have been. "I also want to add that this isn't illegal, as some have attempted to claim. There are statutes to where money floors can be made as long as the coins aren't being melted to extract any metals, replicated, or destroyed and added back into circulation. Businesses do penny floors, so I'm far from the only one," she said.

    Kelly added: "Doing this project was cathartic, and I never once felt it was boring during the process. I had a vision and committed to it in steps and stages until complete. I am pleased with the results and am genuinely happy other people are enjoying the process and design. I have always enjoyed making designs that are fluid, yet symmetrical, and I've incorporated that into my penny work."

    She has also started making penny mosaics around other things, such as her fireplace:

    You can see more of Kelly's penny mosaics and jewelry on her Facebook page or at her Etsy account.