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    A High School Teacher Has Gone Mega Viral For Her Explanation On Why She Doesn't Give Homework

    "I believe that the mental health of my students is number one and content comes second," explained Courtney White.

    For the past four years of her teaching career, Courtney White has taught every subject — except math — to high school students. She is currently teaching PreAP English 2 and AP English 3.

    Recently, Courtney went viral on TikTok for owning the fact that she's a teacher who doesn't assign homework:


    Students do enough work at school, they don’t need more at home! #teachersoftiktok #letmeintroducemyself #fyp #AirheadsDitchChallenge #TimeforTENET

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    It was, of course, evident that actual students LOVED this idea:

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    However, there were some people who didn't agree with Courtney's way of teaching, so she responded with this video:


    Reply to @tafgarcia Me not assigning homework, doesn’t make me any less of a teacher. My kids show me mastery of content in class. #teachersoftiktok

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    In her response video — which has gained over 4.6 million views — Courtney listed a myriad of reasons why she doesn't give homework.

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    In her video, she said, "If they do it at home, it does not show me mastery. It's extra practice, sure, but it's not good practice if they're doing it wrong, it's not good practice if they're cheating, it's not good practice if they're having someone else do it. Most of my students are high schoolers. They have jobs, they have FFA, they have sports, they're in practice, they're in band — they have other responsibilities outside of school. Some of them are going home and taking care of their younger siblings because their parents are at work. Some of them just need to go home and sleep. Some of them have to go home and worry about what they're going to eat because there's no food at their house. So, if I also give them hours of homework, when do they have time to be kids? When do they have time to relax? Because when you get off of work, you want to go home and relax."

    BuzzFeed spoke to Courtney, who said she has never assigned homework during her teaching career. "Students have a lot going on in their personal lives and I believe they need a chance to be children. Students are in school for eight hours each day and, by the evening, their brains need a break. I believe that if I use my class time effectively, there is no reason to send home additional work," she explained.

    "My no-homework method works because I make sure to use my class time effectively. I am able to teach the content well, while also respecting my students and making sure their mental health is a priority. I believe that the mental health of my students is number one and content comes second. I can't teach them and meet them at their level if they aren't coming to class ready to learn. I really believe that my students enjoy my class because they feel cared for and respected," she said.


    So proud of my students for working hard in class each day. 😎 #MorningCheer #provewhatspossible #teachersoftiktok #fyp #tiktokteacher

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    Courtney said she really doesn't hear from a lot of parents about her teaching style. However, the ones who have reached out have been positive. "Some are even grateful that their kids are getting a small break from the crazy workloads that have been coming home," she explained.


    Filmed before school started and posted on my personal lunch time. 👌🏼 #Boo #tiktokteacher #teachersoftiktok #ghostmode #FootlongShuffle #BBMAs

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    Courtney also added that no-homework policies aren't new. "I am in no way the first teacher to implement this in my classroom. And teaching is not one size fits all. What works for some won't work for all. Our education system is in need of big changes, and I believe that teachers are working their butts off for their students. I have received some backlash from people who claim that I am coddling my students or not preparing them for college. My response to that is simple: Homework does not have true benefits if it is not being done properly. I have students with dyslexia, ADHD, dysgraphia, etc. that need additional support at home and, if they don't get their accommodations, the homework will not be beneficial for them," she said.

    You can follow Courtney on TikTok or Instagram.

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