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    These Tweets About Dad Farts Are So Bad You Might Actually Taste Them

    More like dad shart.

    1. Dad farts can be particularly cruel.

    2. Even Siri can smell them.

    3. They can travel room to room.

    4. And dad farts truly linger longer.

    5. They also run in the family.

    6. And sometimes they're more like a #dadshart.

    7. Some can even be live-tweeted.

    8. They are so potent, they can shock dad himself.

    9. Many times, dad farts slip out in anger.

    10. Occasionally, they smell like cheese.

    11. A bad dad fart could potentially wipe out entire continents.

    12. They possess a powerful aroma that no one knows better than dad himself.

    13. Everyone knows their universal sign.

    14. And they also have quite the history.

    15. They will stop you in your tracks.

    16. Dads love to view their wrath from a distance.

    17. Sometimes dad farts take on other forms of stank.

    18. And good dads make sure to "pass" them down accordingly.

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