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    These Hilarious Pregnancy Hacks Are Actually Legit And I'm Laughing, Peeing, And Crying All At Once

    "Going up the stairs on all fours."

    A Reddit thread by user SalemMama asked people to share both funny and serious things they are doing to make their pregnancy easier. And, well, let me tell you, the funny ones are too good and genius not to share:

    Like straddling the toilet and standing up to pee.

    "Straddling the toilet and standing up to pee. Try it ladies! You will empty your bladders and not splash a drop outside of the loo."


    Or "going up the stairs on all fours when no one is looking. 🤦🏼‍♀️"


    How about bribing kids with candy to get them to do tasks for you?

    "I work with kids and treat them to Starbursts for doing things that are challenging for me, like carrying/lifting or cleaning. They're helping and I get rid of my old Halloween candy."


    Training your dog to pick up items you can't reach is brilliant, really.

    "I trained my dog to pick up anything I couldn’t reach and put it in my lap. Soooo much easier! Shoes, socks, water bottles, remotes, pegs, frigging anything. Ahhhh-maaaaa-zing!"


    And if you don't have a pet, just use your toes to pick things up so you don't have to bend down!

    "I pick up tissue and clothing with my toes rather than bending down."


    Grab a broom and put some cleaner on it when you need to scrub the bathroom.

    "Scrubbing the tub/ shower/ grout /around the toilet with a broom and cleaner so you don't have to bend over."


    Use gravity to help you move.

    "If I'm sitting or laying down, I try to roll to the edge of the furniture and use gravity as I fall off to help me get up."


    Take a seat on the stairs, naked, and then get dressed.

    "Sitting on the stairs makes getting dressed much easier. Your legs are naturally bent a bit, so not only do you not have to bend over, you don't have to reach either. I sit about two steps from the bottom and it is infinitely easier to get pants, socks, and shoes on."


    If you don't fancy the stairs, just lay back and lift your legs to your clothes instead of bringing your pants all the way down to your toes.

    "When I get dressed, I lift my legs to meet my clothes rather than bringing my clothes down to my feet."


    You ready for pregnancy?