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People Are Sharing Their Biggest Regrets To Help Others Avoid The Same Mistakes, And I Wasn't Ready For Some Of Them To Be This Deep

"I lowered my standards for a man.."

TikTok user @themrspedersen recently asked users to share the mistake they made that taught them a lesson they learned the hard way that they can now help others avoid:

She shared her regret, which was: "Don't get matching tattoos with your best friend. It's only cool until you're not best friends anymore."

Soon other users started sharing the mistakes they have made. And speaking of permanent body changes, user @jamiespikerjones urged people who want to have kids to never get their belly button pierced, because you'll end up with two belly buttons after pregnancy:


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In fact, there were several moms who shared their belly button ring regrets, like user @therealmelindastrauss, who explains in her video: "Your belly gets really, really big — and so does the hole from the belly button ring. And then everything deflates after you have the baby. And the hole from the belly button ring doesn't just go back to the way that it was. It becomes, like, a second belly button and it's not cute. I've actually had mine fixed, so I cannot show you what it looks like...not that I would anyways. It was pretty terrifying."

User @samanthadolci even shared what hers looks like (if you are curious)!

On a more serious note, user @tysenburg had some great advice when it comes to the workforce: "If you're asked to do anything beyond what you initially signed up for in your job description, the answer should always be no."

In the full video, he says: "Do not go above and beyond for any job. They ask you to come in on your day off, say no. They ask you to take on more responsibility, say no or ask for a pay increase. They ask you to work overtime, say no or ask for a pay increase. ... If you're unhappy and you want to go find another job, don't let your managers talk you out of it. They'll act like they want to negotiate to make you happier, but I promise nothing is going to change. If you're asked to do anything beyond what you initially signed up for in your job description, the answer should always be no. I worked for a company that exploited the shit out of my willingness to help and expected me to pick up the slack for their bad management and their piss-poor organization skills..."

User @the.j0y shared her advice about marriage: DON'T SETTLE! 

"I listened to years upon years from my mother to other family members and friends, joking about 'When you going to have kids? You're pushing 30, girl...' So, what happened was, I settled. I lowered my standards for a man that didn't treat me up to par before our marriage and he treated me the same during our marriage, which led to the end of our marriage. And, the reality is, the same people that were kind of giving me pressure and making those comments — even though they didn't realize it — during our divorce, they were nowhere to be found. ... You wait for your king or your queen. Don't settle."

And even though user @nexusnursing was referring to nursing school when she was talking, her advice can be applied to pretty much any situation in life: "It's OK to say no and not feel guilty about it."

User @bsarks has a good perspective about relationships: "That person that you want so bad — that girl, that guy, that individual that you're trying to talk to that sucks at responding is not playing hard to get. They simply don't want you."

He went on to say, "I feel like we all try to convince ourselves every now and then when we try to start a new relationship, or start a new talking phase, that they're not responding fast because they don't want to seem clingy — no such thing. Is there a such thing as doing too much? Yes, but what I mean is, if they really want you, they're gonna show it. This whole thing where you go back and forth and try to figure out their intentions is so pointless. See, for me, the second I have to try to figure out your intentions, I kind of already know what they are. Like, listen. If you want to try your hardest to get with someone, more power to you. But do not try to chase after someone who wouldn't even bust a little jog for you. Like, save your heart."

"Telling people your personal problems all the time. That's wrong. Because sometimes, let me tell you something, they don't even care. They just want to listen to it to make themselves feel better," are some words of wisdom from @ndubuchi.


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User @joanie_sprague also spoke out against tattoos, but a very specific one: "Do not get a lip tattoo inside your lip thinking that, 'Oh, it's going to go away' because — guess what? It might not. I've had a very bad word inside my mouth now for over 12 years and it's not going anywhere. So every dentist that I go to I have to apologize in advance for what they're about to see."

(It says "FUCK YOU" inside her lip.)

And, lastly — just for fun — user @jordanthestallion8 has some advice about podcasts and working at Chipotle:

"If your coworkers watch podcasts, don't try to have conversations with them during lunch rush. Today, we had a crazy lunch rush. I'm over here making fucking chicken. I'm smacking bean bags, I'm trying to get rice going — I'm in the zone, right? I see one of my coworkers, they're just staring off into the distance, right? I come up, I'm like, 'Hey, are you good? 'Cause it's game time, we gotta make the burritos, right?' And he was like, 'You know humans have two lives?' I was like, 'What?' Fuckin'...I stopped what I was doing... He was like, 'We don't start our second life until we realize we only have one life to live.' And I'm like, 'It's fucking Saturday. I wanna go home. I bought Uncrustables... He said, 'Also, how did we start our first language if we didn't have a language to start with in the first place? ...I'm like, 'Who are you, right?' and he's like, 'Do you like podcasts?' We didn't get out of work on time."

PODCASTS. AMIRITE?! Anyway, what's something you had to learn the hard way? Tell us in the comments!