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    Sisters Are Sharing Just How Opposite Their Rooms Look And It Is A Sight To See

    Are you the messy or the clean sibling?!

    TikTok user @nardiyuh recently shared how shockingly different her and her sister's rooms are:

    And, it turns out, there are a LOT of sisters who are polar opposite like this. Thousands of TikTok users started using her audio and sharing their own rooms:


    always keeping your room clean makes you feel more on top of your life 🧘💅

    ♬ original sound - nardiyuh

    These twin sisters aren't so alike when it comes to living conditions:


    (Twin sister*) I moved out of our shared room for a reason #fyp #foryou

    ♬ original sound - nardiyuh

    And these sisters are totally opposite, but still love each other to pieces:


    she’s buying a “BEN DRANKIN” shirt and eating pringles rn she spices up my life! #sisters #room #HomeTour #sisterchallenge #fyp #foryou #siblings #fun

    ♬ original sound - nardiyuh

    Here is another shockingly perfect example of just how different sisters can be:

    And here is another:


    Her room disgust me @alyssa.strubel

    ♬ original sound - nardiyuh

    And another:

    There are sooooo many, so if you want to see more clean vs. messy sister rooms on TikTok, click here.

    Now, tell us, are you and your sister like this?!