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    This Woman Went Viral For Being A PhD Student By Day And A Go-Go Dancer By Night

    "Far too often, our actions and self-perceptions are (un)consciously influenced by societal constructs and expectations."

    A woman on TikTok recently generated more than 8.5 million views with her video about how she is a medical student during the day and a go-go dancer at night:


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    And people started flooding the comments, saying they were proud of her for working hard for what she wants in life:

    They also loved how she was showing how women can have brains and dance moves:

    Basically, people were just applauding her for working hard and being a BOSS at both:

    So, who is this woman?! Her name is Danielle Minichino and she's a 27-year-old med student. BuzzFeed spoke to Danielle, who said she has a Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Neuroscience and is currently in her fourth year of a Biomedical PhD Program studying the molecular mechanisms that drive a rare pediatric disease.

    And, while in school, Danielle also works as an independent contractor through an entertainment company — because she loves it, and also because it helps pay the bills. "I’m usually dancing at large nightclubs in Atlantic City. I grew up taking dance classes at a studio run by an amazing woman who raised all the dancers to feel empowered and beautiful," she said.

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    The above photo was taken by Photographics Photography at The Pool After Dark at Harrah's Casino and Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

    Danielle told BuzzFeed that she actually has a minor in dance performance. "I love the feeling I get from performing on stage and I knew at a young age that I always wanted to incorporate that in my life. I knew it would be tricky figuring out a way to dance while in my PhD training. Go-go dancing was the perfect option; not only is it flexible, but it gives me more financial freedom."

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    Danielle decided to share her school/work life on TikTok to her 44 followers at the time, but never imagined it would go as viral as it did. "If I would have known that many people were going to see it, I would have put a bit more thought into my word choice! Based on the comments, though, the majority of the viewers seem to be picking up what I’m trying to get across — empowerment and breaking stigmas. Far too often, our actions and self-perceptions are (un)consciously influenced by societal constructs and expectations. We are more than what any label can define us as; whether it be in regards to our gender, age, race, sexual orientation, or career. Yes, I’m a scientist, but that’s not all of who I am," she said.

    "In all honesty, I’m not sure I’d manage without having dance as an outlet. Not only is it fun and exhilarating after a full week of (potentially failed) experiments, but it enables me to make payments on my student loans, which relieves a lot of my anxiety. However, managing my time and energy has taken some practice. At first, I was concerned that my dancing would suffer since I prioritize my research, but I realized it didn’t because I enjoy it so much. I also can’t neglect the fact that I rely on my go-go friends for help. Whether it’s covering my shift last minute because an experiment is taking longer than expected or providing me with the lip color or hair piece that I forgot — they’re always there to support and help me," she added.

    Danielle said she doesn't have plans to stop dancing after she graduates. "However, I am definitely starting to feel the physical ramifications of inverting my sleep schedule a few times a month. If I stop, it’ll be because I’m just too tired," she laughed.

    Tom Briglia

    Danielle added that her message is simple: "Don’t let a box be built around you that may prevent you from being genuinely you. Step out of that box! Be you, sis!"

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    She also has an online shop that recently opened. "50% of our proceeds go to different charities every month. Check out my shop for more information and, ya know, maybe buy a shirt or four," she added.

    You can follow Danielle on Instagram and TikTok.