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We Need To Talk About How Mayo Is The Condiment Of The Gods

You are beautiful no matter what they say...

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Everyone needs to just STFU with their mayonnaise hate.


Mayo never did anything to you.

nkkdkes / Via

It just wants to exist.

nebrokefoodie / Via

To help your favorite foods taste better.

mykelmtl / Via

To be the perfect dollop that completes your french fries.

ichbindrine / Via

To help you make the best macaroni salad ever.

iamreah10 / Via

And the most amazing potato salad ever.

laineeeeeey / Via

You can have a lot...

greengirl528 / Via

...Or a little.

lennverledens / Via

Mayo just wants to fit in.

revorbrady_rs / Via

Just don't acccidentally mistake it for Miracle Whip.

arahsprenger / Via

It's only trying to add a burst of flavor to your boring turkey sandwich.

toysolderz / Via

And help you create a delectable tuna salad sandwich.

arryslunchbox / Via

It can be applied in glorious zigzags.

kimberfly85 / Via

Or in impossibly gorgeous spirals.

lizkelnel / Via

No other condiment can pull off this literal work of art:

friedandprejudice / Via

So, come on, let's all give mayo a little love.

vdldodgeball / Via


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