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    17 Kids Who Are Having A Really, Really, Really Bad Day

    It's tough being a kid.

    1. This kid who was trying to aim, but missed the toilet.

    tracebundy / Via

    2. This kid who was so tired she fell asleep onto a collapsable chair.

    kodybb / Via

    3. This kid who thought driving a car would be fun.

    4. And this kid who hurt her middle finger.

    5. This kid who literally got a foot in his mouth.

    6. This kid who cut her own hair.

    raverbaby25 / Via

    7. This kid who thought the log ride would be fun.

    8. This kid who got a sucker stuck in his hair.

    linzegirl / Via

    9. This kid who let mom try out temporary tattoos that weren't so temporary.

    10. This kid who hasn't quite mastered the wipe yet.


    11. This kid who dropped her ice cream cone.

    jenjames87 / Via

    12. This kid who got mixed up putting his socks and shoes on.

    eyelovesmiles / Via

    We won't comment on the socks.

    13. And this kid who also got mixed up when getting ready.

    the_besth_is_yet_to_come / Via

    14. This kid who couldn't keep his milk down.

    metalpandakitty / Via

    15. This kid who thought it would be fun to play in a tub full of cooked spaghetti noodles.

    andrewdconley / Via

    16. This kid whose mom wouldn't let her get chips.

    ahappyfrugallife / Via

    17. And this kid who thought it was just a sneeze.

    melibelliboo / Via