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16 Kids Who Are Figuring Out Life Faster Than You Are

Teach me your ways.

1. This kid who has the death stare down pat:

2. This kid who already knows how to play the game:

3. This little girl who knows just how to utilize her auntie:

4. This kid who knows he doesn't have to pretend:

5. This kid who obviously knows how to get revenge:

6. This kid who knows how to properly handle his anger:

7. This kid who takes note of important similarities:

8. This kid who knows eating is always the best life choice:

9. This kid who is sharing straight-up facts:

10. And this kid named Dylan who also has no problem sharing facts:

11. This go-getter who already has a legit career:

12. This kid who discovered how to solve the problem of messy wings:

13. And this kid who found a way to get out of sharing:

14. This kid who already knows she doesn't have to dress like a princess to be one:

15. This kid who has no rules:

16. And this baby who already knows too much: