"Most People Would Just Be Like, 'I Brush Them'" — In A Livestream, JoJo Siwa Admitted She Has Veneers, And People Are Applauding Her For Telling The Truth

    "I got chompers..." —JoJo

    TikTokers have been sharing their favorite snippets from one of JoJo Siwa's recent livestreams — like this moment where she talks about the serious impact of online bullying — but one clip about her veneers has garnered over 5 million views.

    In the video clip, shared by TikToker @megankropko1, 19-year-old JoJo answers someone who asks, "How are your teeth so white?"

    Laughing JoJo plainly states, "Because I picked out the whitest color." ✨ICONIC✨

    She then proudly states she does have veneers, calling them her CHOMPERS.

    The comment section flooded with people complimenting how natural her veneers look:

    Some even said they are the best set they've ever seen.

    But most people really just appreciated her honesty...

    Because she could have easily denied the fact that she has them.

    There were even people who talked about reasons why young people may get veneers beyond cosmetic purposes.

    However, commenters were especially curious about when this all went down, so being the investigative journalists** that we are, we did some digging in Getty Images.

    These photos of JoJo in 2018 and 2019 appear to be her real, non-veneer chompers, but of course, we can't prove that!

    And this photo in February of 2020 seems BVP, before veneer procedure, as well:

    Then, while browsing Getty, the summer of 2021 reveals a seemingly whiter smile:

    The WHITENESS is unmistakable!

    JoJo, you've got a great set of veneers. We love your realness and YOU!