This Vet's Employees Made A TikTok Of Him Eating An Orange Like An Apple And Now People Are Arguing About The Right And Wrong Ways To Eat Foods

    Who decides how you eat an orange anyway?

    This is Dr. Jeff Smith. He's a veterinarian and owner of Danville Family Vet in Danville, Virginia.

    And, although his patients are SUPER CUTE and he's been practicing for more than 25 years, we are not here today to talk about his job or any animals.

    We are here to talk about oranges.

    Recently, one of Dr. Jeff's employees started filming him during their lunch break because she thought it was odd that he was washing his orange with dish soap. But what he did next shocked his entire staff:

    BuzzFeed talked to Dr. Jeff, who said he didn't understand why everyone was so shocked that he ate an orange whole. "I started eating whole oranges after reading about the added vitamin C and health benefits of the peel. I have grown to love the zesty taste that the peel adds to the sweetness of the orange," he explained.

    The video quickly racked up more than 3 million views on TikTok. Dr. Jeff thinks it got a lot of attention because of the conversation in the video. "It is a philosophical dilemma for some people. Who decides how you eat an orange? The general public. It appeals to a greater debate: Do you do what the general public says is normal or do you live your own life?"

    And, judging by the video comments, people agree with his perspective.

    Some people even came forward about eating things — like kiwis — differently then the way society tell us to eat them.

    But, overall, it seems the video just made people stop and think for a bit.

    Because there really is not a right or wrong way to eat an orange...or most foods for that matter. So, Dr. Jeff has one message for everyone to think about after seeing the video. "You decide how to live your life. If people think you are weird or different, just let it roll off your back and go on living your life," he said.

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