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Not That You Need Another Reason To Shop At Target, But Here's One Anyways

Abs of steel.

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While scrolling Instagram earlier, I stopped at this screen grab of a video. (If you're anything like me, every time you see Target, you stop.)

erinoprea / Via

It is a video by Carrie Underwood's personal trainer – Erin Oprea – who obviously knows a thing or two about fitness.

oprea / Via

In the caption Erin explains how she came up with this ab workout: "My son and I were in line at Target and he said, 'I have new ab workout for you, mom. It's like your ab wheel.' So, I had to try it out, and sure enough it is. This is a great core workout while in line at the grocery.😂."

Instagram: @erinoprea

And, technically, you could do this anywhere you shop, but it's more fun to do it at Target, you know, while you're there "browsing" for a few hours.


Target: your one-stop shop for everything you need, PLUS your new workout facility.

erinoprea / Via Instagram: @erinoprea

Who needs a fancy ab wheel when you have a Target shopping cart?!

Brb, going to the gym (a.k.a. Target) so I can achieve this:


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