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    This Is What The Slime On Nickelodeon Feels, Tastes, And Smells Like

    Trust me, I was submerged in it.

    Calling all '90s kids. The ones who had the fantasy of being covered in green slime on Nickelodeon.


    Well the Kids' Choice Sports Awards are today, so BuzzFeed got the opportunity to get mega-slimed (AKA being dropped into a pool of it).

    Shawn Corrigan / Nickelodeon

    The Kids' Choice Sports Awards feature awards for superstar athletes โ€“ voted on by kids. The athletes and audience members also participate in super fun games and challenges, most of which involve SLIME.

    The slime dunk tank is filled with 1,500 gallons of cold slime.

    Torres / BuzzFeed

    Yup. That's 1-5-0-0 GALLONS.


    And, as a '90s kid, I always wondered what it was made of. Jay Schmalholz โ€“ executive producer of the show โ€“ told me it's made with secret ingredients. "It's sort of like your grandma's meatloaf, we don't really tell the recipe. It's edible, nontoxic, and doesn't taste like anything."


    So, I took the plunge to find out for myself.

    Torres / BuzzFeed

    And since slime inevitably got in my nose, ears, and mouth, I can report back (with accuracy) that...IT TASTES AND SMELLS LIKE NOTHING.

    Torres / BuzzFeed

    For real. It's sticky and slimy, but there's an absence of smell and taste.

    Torres / BuzzFeed

    So, there you have it. Nickelodeon slime is fun, Nickelodeon slime is sticky, but Nickelodeon slime does not taste like green apple, or lime, or whatever else you've dreamt up in your head.

    Torres / BuzzFeed

    Nevertheless, it will always be fun to see someone get slimed, even in reverse!

    Torres / BuzzFeed

    You can watch the Kids' Choice Sports Awards on Nickelodeon Friday, July 19th at 8 P.M.

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