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    Posted on May 11, 2017

    Here's A List Of Acceptable Things To Get New Moms For Mother's Day

    Good news: it rhymes with cheap ;-)

    Are you sitting there wondering, I mean REALLY wondering, what new moms actually want for Mother’s Day?


    If so, the answer really is quite simple...




    Uninterrupted sleep.


    "Long enough to have a good dream" sleep.

    20th Century Fox

    I'm talkin' Kim Kardashian type of sleep.


    "Pass out wherever they want and not be disturbed" sleep.

    TV Land

    "Have the bed all to yourself" sleep.


    "Give me a kiss and leave me the heck alone" type of sleep.

    Summit Entertainment

    Maybe even a full twelve hours of sleep.

    You see, presents are great (and always welcomed), but after becoming a new mom, nothing can put a smile on your face quite like sleep can.

    USA Today

    So, entertain that baby and let their new mom get some sleep!

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