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    Sep 14, 2019

    Here Are 16 Normal, Everyday Things You Won't Understand Unless You're A Mom

    Like a handful of...poop.

    1. Seeing this under the carseat is normal.

    2. Cooking dinner on the floor is normal.

    3. Putting cabbage on your sore, breastfeeding boobs is normal.

    4. Stocking up on excessive amounts of free things is normal.

    5. Doing things your kid wants — like wearing underwear on the outside of your pants — to keep them calm and happy is normal.

    Panty party sunday night #thethingsmomsdo

    6. Having poop in your hand is normal.

    7. Keeping a baggie full of your baby's hair is normal.

    8. Making ice out of your breast milk is normal.

    9. Saving your kid's baby teeth is normal.

    I saved my kids' baby teeth. I tell them that they are my "trophies" from the kids that pissed me off! I ROCK!

    10. Cleaning up chewed-up food is normal.

    11. And finding out your expensive things have been chewed up is normal.

    12. Having someone else's snot on your hand is normal.

    When your one your old comes over to put something in your hand with a smile on his face, you never quite know what's in store. This morning, at 7am, I was gifted this beautiful clump of fresh snot. The wonders of parenthood.

    13. Helping your kid get their head unstuck from random places is normal.

    14. Cleaning turds off the floor is normal.

    Potty training fail! Even Sophia doesn't know how it go there 🤔 #parentfail #pottytrainingfail #missedthepotty #pooponthefloor

    15. Dumping this out of your purse is normal.

    16. And giving zero fucks about modesty and being willing to do everything it takes to get the baby to sleep is 100% NORMAL.

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