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    Women Are Sharing What They Thought They Looked Like Dressing Up As Hannah Montana As A Child Vs. What They Actually Looked Like, And It's Gold

    Brown hair peeking through a blonde wig is a classic look.

    If you grew up in the Hannah Montana era of Disney, then this post is going to be a flashback into your childhood...

    ...An ~oddly specific~ flashback to when you thought you NAILED your Hannah Montana costume! (But actually didn't.)

    TikTok user @lolnissy shared the time she went to a Jonas Brothers concert dressed as Hannah Montana and was POSITIVE Nick would see her and fall madly in love:

    Real talk: You were definitely NOT Hannah Montana if you didn't own one of these cheap blonde wigs:

    TikTok user @angelabukhtia shared her Hannah Montana Halloween outfit that she thought was spot on:


    What I thought I looked like dressed up as Hannah Montana for Halloween #morph #hannahmontana #foryou #foryoupage #fyp

    ♬ original sound - Nashat

    I mean, her brown hair underneath is hardly noticeable:

     @angelabukhtia with her hair clearly visible underneath a wig

    And user @paige_smilemore shared her Hannah Montana look from a childhood talent show:


    i dressed up as Hannah Montana for a talent show.

    ♬ I'm Just a Kid - Simple Plan

    The face tattoo made this outfit look super legit:

    @paige_smilemore posing in her Hannah Montana T-shirt

    In fifth grade, user @annahummel6 was sure she'd be mistaken for Miley dressed as Hannah Montana:


    What I thought I looked like in 5th grade when I dressed up as Hannah Montana for Halloween vs what I actually looked like... #morph #fyp #help

    ♬ original sound - Nashat

    The headband and hoops really gave this Hannah an extra ~oomph~:

    Still of  @annahummel6 with a caption that says, "What I thought I looked like when I dressed up as Hannah Montana for Halloween in 5th grade.."

    At 12 years old, user @brianna.dougherty thought she looked identical to Hannah Montana:


    HAHAHAHA oml i dressed up as hannah montana & i’m glad i can use them to laugh at now 😂 #ActingChallenge #fyp #ProveWhatsPossible

    ♬ Best of Both WAPs - OMFGrant

    ...Although her face might argue differently:

    Still of @brianna.dougherty with the caption: "Me when I was 12"

    And, at the ripe age of 7, user @tasha_karell thought she was a dead ringer for Miley:

    She looks like she is living her best life, honestly:

    Still of @tasha_karell with the caption: "7 year old me was pullin the boys in [winking face emoji]

    @amandamon27 was certain people would see her and think they met THE Hannah Montana:


    When I dressed up as Hannah Montana for Halloween... expectations vs reality 🤦‍♀️ #morph #fyp #hannahmontana #yikes

    ♬ original sound - Nashat

    All these girls were keeping the blonde wig business BOOMING:

    Still of @amandamon27 with the caption: "What I actually looked like [woman facepalming emoji]

    However, user @kris__elise thought she looked so much like Miley Cyrus that she didn't even need the wig for people to know she was Hannah Montana:

    The bucket hat was a great move:

    @kris__elise posing in front of a fridge while wearing a bucket hat and a scarf

    And same went for user @amyran.30:


    What I thought I was going to look like dressing up as Hannah Montana🤦🏻‍♀️😂 #fyp #foryoupge #hannahmontana #fai

    ♬ original sound - Nashat

    Her sequin shirt is 🔥, tbh:

     @amyran.30 posing in a sequin shirt and large sunglasses

    In short, thousands of girls — just like user @jacquerreynolds — were confident that they had the ULTIMATE Hannah Montana costume:


    how i thought i looked dressing up as hannah montana for halloween #foryou #fyp #awkwardmoments

    ♬ original sound - Nashat

    Look at her, she is READY for her photo shoot:

    @jacquerreynolds nailing a pose in her wig, jacket, vest, and cowboy boots

    So, is this a hilariously relatable (and strangely specific) part of your childhood too?!