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People Are Feeling Old AF After Realizing This Is The Hand Gesture Kids Now Use To Pretend They're On The Phone

"This is how you know you're getting old..."

TikTok user @guesswho_718 just showed how today's kids pretend they're on the phone, and it's making a lot of adults feel prehistoric on TikTok:


Even the hand gesture game has changed @kamilo.ny @guesswhos_wifey @itz_daniella12 #LaughPause #dadsoftiktok #momsoftiktok #over30 #kids #fyp

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The video has gained more than 800,000 views in just five hours, and many adults are shook.

Text that says, "I don't like this, nope not one bit."

They are also realizing that kids don't understand the concept of "hanging up the phone" either.

Text that says "I realized my son doesn't know why I say "hang up the phone."

It also made them think about the other things that today's kids will never understand, like manually having to roll down the car window.

Text saying, "My kids asked me why I made a circle to get the car next to me to put their window down."

Anyway, as someone with an 11-year-old son, I wanted to know how my son would gesture this. I asked him. He did this:

Krista's son holding his whole hand up to his ear.

I do this:

Krista holding the old phone hand gesture up to her ear.

My husband (who has not had a haircut since early March, but stans a good BuzzFeed shirt) does this:

Krista's husband holding the old phone hand gesture up to her ear.

And now I've realized I'm just here to die at this point. Bye.