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Posted on Jul 9, 2018

This Pic Of Kristen Bell Wearing Gloves In The Pool Is Really A Genius Hack


Ah, Kristen Annie Bell. She's truly a gem.

And her hubby, Dax Shepard, seems very cool.

They're both actors and they're both very funny. Dax once brought a sloth to their home and Kristen cried tears of joy.


So, yesterday, the fam appeared to be having a "Sunday Funday" at the pool when Dax posted this pic:

So, what was Kristen doing in the pool besides looking like a very cute bee keeper?!

daxshepard / Via Instagram: @daxshepard

Dax explained with this caption:

daxshepard / Via Instagram: @daxshepard

Gloves to prevent pruning AND prevent hand sunburns is brilliant, Kristen.

Universal Pictures

Let me just tell you, there were several prune finger haters out there who appreciated this new hack.

daxshepard / Via

There were also some who apparently already wear gloves in the pool to prevent pruning. WHO KNEW.

daxshepard / Via

So, if you're chilln' at the pool and see people wearing gloves, now you'll know why. Plus, it's the middle of summer, so I bet they are on clearance. Go buy some!




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