Parents Are Handing Their Babies Eggs To See What Happens, And I'm Really Surprised By The Results

    I love this so much.

    According to TikTok user @cassandranguyen981, there's a saying that if you give a baby an egg, they will be gentle with it.

    So she gave her baby an egg and recorded proof of it:

    Soon, other TikTok users started using her audio and handing their babies eggs to see what would happen.

    And it was pretty surprising to see:

    I thought the babies would immediately throw the eggs on the ground because most babies are NOT gentle! But I was wrong:

    Babies apparently love caring for eggs:

    They simply appreciate the fact that an egg is fragile:

    And it makes me stop and think that everything is OK in the world again:

    I went through dozens and dozens of these videos and didn't see one kid throw it down or crack it! Until, finally, I came across this kid:

    This kid must be part of a small percentage of babies who care not for the eggs.

    Anyway, there you have it! MOST babies are gentle with eggs — with the exception of a few! WHAT EGG-CELLENT INFORMATION.